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VITRATOX #41 Water Base Salve is a paste consisting of the same high-quality bentonite clay used in our #16 Detoxificant. This salve has been designed for external applications (see #43 Oil Base Salve description), and is a powerful drawing or cleansing skin poultice, mask, or body wrap for the surface of the skin. The salve can be covered with a damp dressing to prevent drying, or it can be allowed to dry if drawing properties are desired.

VITRATOX #41 Water Base Salve (paste) is packaged in a 12 oz. recyclable container that keeps out contaminants and impurities.

To order this product, contact your local VITRATOX Distributor, or contact us to find a Distributor near you: Call 1-800-544-8147 or 1-816-221-3719 or email: [email protected]
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