Seven Day Cleansing Program

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The VITRATOX Seven Day Cleansing Program is one of the best ways to cleanse the body and blood.  It consists of fasting (without solid food), thereby giving your digestive system a rest. Your body uses that energy that was used for digestion to concentrate on cleaning out and eliminating old accumulated mucous with the assistance of our Cleansing Combo, which consists of our #16 & #19.  However, on this program, your body is not starving just because you are not eating solid food.  In fact, your body is given the nutritional support that it needs to rebuild with the whole food nutrition from our products #22, #53, #57, #48.  All of which can be purchased as a whole in our #59 Seven Day Cleansing Kit. Each day you will alternate between the Cleansing Combo and the Supplements every hour and a half. With this regime and daily enemas or colonics, our Cleansing Program assists in cleansing and rejuvenating every organ, gland, tissue, and cell of your body!


The evening before commencing the program, take 2 VITRATOX No. 19A Herbal Supplement tablets.

A. Each day for 7 days take the following Cleansing Combo:Young woman in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of water.

  1. Pour about one inch (or two tablespoons) of your choice of 100% fruit juice into the pint jar. (This is to prevent the mixture from jelling too quickly and to give your drink flavor, although it is not necessary.)
  2. Add at least 10 ounces of water.
  3. Add 1 tablespoonful of VITRATOX No. 16 Detoxificant.
  4. Lastly, add 1 heaping teaspoonful of VITRATOX No. 19 Intestinal Cleanser.
  5. Put the cover on tightly and shake vigorously for 5 to 10 seconds.
  6. Drink quickly. Follow with fresh water, if desired.



B. 1 ½ Hours after taking the above Cleansing Combo take the Whole Food Supplements:Picture of VITRATOX Supplement portioned out together

C. 1 ½ Hours after taking the Whole Food Supplements, take a Cleansing Combo. Repeat throughout the day. Remember to take 2 tablets of No. 19A Herbal Supplement each night with last Cleansing Combo and drink plenty of water.

D. The results of this Seven  Day Cleansing Program will be dramatically enhanced when you use daily colon irrigation. Try to have 6-14 enemas or colonics during the Seven Day Cleansing Program.

A sample schedule might be as follows:

A sample Cleansing Schedule that visualizes when VITRATOX products should be taken while on the 7-Day Cleanse.







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Use No. 16 Detoxificant and No. 19 Intestinal Cleanser in a Cleansing Combo morning and evening as daily maintenance. Many use the Cleansing Combo every morning for years to help build and maintain bowel regularity. The purpose of No. 16 is to adsorb (not absorb) undesirable matter in the alimentary canal. The purpose of No. 19 is to furnish fiber that retains moisture. It is mucilaginous, slippery, soft and bulky. (It has far more fiber than bran.)

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For best results take a total of 20 tablets of No. 22 GreenLife®, 12 capsules of No. 53 Wheat Germ Oil, 5 tablets of No. 4 Beet Plant Juice, 6 tablets of No. 56 Pro-Gest, and 4 tablets of No. 57 Natural Source Vitamin C daily for two or three months, then reduce to suggested serving size on labels.

Avoid consuming junk foods such as: french fries, pizza, hamburgers, chips, hot dogs, soda, etc.

Resume normal eating, but eliminate from your diet anything containing bleached whole wheat or bleached and refined white flour products. Also eliminate anything containing artificial color or flavor, corn syrup, or refined sugars. Instead use whole wheat, stone ground, or sprouted whole wheat flour and molasses or honey.

Image of woman enjoying a nice, fresh salad.
Make sure to eat a good-sized raw vegetable salad daily and one cooked leafy vegetable. Eat fresh, raw fruits that are in season between meals and for dessert. If you want to cook, bake, or steam vegetables, try keeping them on the raw side.

Image of salmon steak, avocado, olive oil, nuts and pumpkin seeds.
Cook beef no more than medium-rare, broil fish on one side only, and cook eggs softly. Be sure to eat something raw at each meal. If this is not always practical, then augment the meal with # 22 GreenLife®. See that half of your food intake is fresh and raw, and gradually increase that amount.

Woman smiling with arms stretched as she enjoys her walk and the fresh air.
Even well-balanced blood is ineffective unless it is aerated (oxygenated), so walk, walk, walk. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water generously between your meals. Drinking water during meals dilutes the digestive enzymes in the mouth and stomach.


Image of the Vit-Ra-Tox #59 Cleansing Kit

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